Escape room “The legacy of the madman”

The legacy of the madman

There are seven of us in total and we are each other’s nieces and nephews. Our ages range from 11 to 23 and our interests range from programming to ballet. However, our common passion is playing all kinds of board games and, of course, going to different escape rooms together.


After successfully escaping another escape room in August 2020, we shared our impressions with each other. As always, we pointed out the pros and cons of a particular room, the best tasks and unexpected solutions, and we reflected on what we might have done differently. So one of us jokingly said that We would definitely make a better escape room! From there, the story went on and on, and the thought ran at a wild speed. In the end, the idea didn’t seem impossible at all. By the evening we all agreed: “Let’s do it!”


The very next day we started writing down possible company names, and that’s how we founded GameGround on August 25, 2020. Since we all have very different interests and skills, there were tasks for everyone when building the escape room.

Come take a look and decide how we did with our first escape room, The legacy of the madman! Uku, Maili, Mihkel, Õie, Külli, Mikk, Koit

We escaped from the Safecracker’s “Maletuba” with the best time.