Escape room is a team game, where players have to find their way out from one or several rooms within a certain timeframe. While cooperating with each other, you have to solve different puzzles and logic problems and escape from the room.

The goal of the game is to solve different tasks and search for clues, with which to escape from the room, all of this within 60 minutes.

 Escape room is fun and exciting game. You may encounter crawling, climbing and tighter ja darker rooms, along with locked doors.

There isn’t an age limit, but it is recommended for children under the age of 12 to have an accompanying adult with them, because some tasks and puzzles may be too hard for younger players.

Difficulty rating is “normal”

After getting stuck you can always ask for help/hints using a walkie-talkie. There is no limit to the amount of hints you can ask for! If you are not able to escape in the given 60 minutes, the game master will open the doors and let you out.

The rooms may me quite dim or even dark. Sound engineering has been used to create the atmosphere.

Contact us using e-mail ( or message us in Facebook using Messenger and ask!

One game lasts 60 minutes.

You will be briefed on the rules and any questions you have will be answered in this time. play time (60 min) will start from the moment the doors are closed behind you. In case of being late, your playtime might be shortened.

Team sizes should stay in the range of 2-5 players (recommended 4 players, maximum 7), so there are enough activities for every player and it might get cramped in the smaller rooms. From the sixth player on you have to pay 10€ for every extra player.

The price of one game (2-5 players) is 50 euros. If there are more than five players, an additional 10 euros must be paid for each person starting from the sixth player.

Payment will take place before the game. NB! Cash payment only.

We recommend wearing comfortable clothes. Wearing high heels and a dress/skirt may be uncomfortable for the player. NB! Because this is an old house, the escape room might be a bit dusty!

All required items are available on site. Personal tools and smart items are not allowed while playing. They can be left with the administrator for the duration of the game.

In an escape room you are not allowed personal tools, cameras, mobile phones or any other smart items. Also you can’t use physical strength or enter while intoxicated.

On the leaderboard (TOP30) can get teams with the fastest time and the least amount of hints. Leaderboard:

Yes, we do! Gift card is priced at 50€ and it can be used to pay for one game. The gift card expires 6 months after the purchase. To purchase a gift card, write to us: